Pip and partial zip, but doubtful it will make it.

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by columbiacritter, May 1, 2011.

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    Jun 7, 2008
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    Hatcher conditions are right on but the chick seems to be getting steadily weaker. It pipped last night about 9:30 and by 6 a.m. had barely zipped 1/4 of the way. 3 hours later it has not reached the 1/2 point yet and seems to be failing. Unlike all my other chicks this one has been very quiet, rarely peeping, then just one or two peeps every few hours. I popped the humidity up a few points so hopefully it doesn't get to dry, but other than that won't help. I don't believe in helping weak chicks hatch. They are weak for a reason and I have way to many birds to have a special needs critter. Now the trick is to keep my husbands hands out of the hatcher and let the chick survive or not.

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    I wouldn't worry much. It hasn't been 24 hours and it is making progress. Some chicks take FOREVER to hatch.
  3. mywifewasonherenowiamalso

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    i agree, but i would help it out anyways. and you can see whats wrong.

    it will still die if its weak, but at least you will know why. cause soon the egg will dry on the chick

    what kind of bird is it?
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    Yep... Once a chick gets stuck, all the upping of the humidity in the world won't help. I had several last hatch that got stuck, all to my fault of course. I had opened the incubator to fill the water, ect, and low and behold, there were 5 pips. I didn't see them until I was finished with the water. I was getting them ready for lockdown. 4 of those 5 I had to help after 24 hours. But that was due to my fault. I generally never help unless it was a man made problem.
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    Jun 7, 2008
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    Quote:My husband snuck in and helped a little. It's just a mutt chick, dad was an EE roo that died shortly after the egg went into the bator and moms a real small production red.

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    I like a softy!! I always help, I find the truly weak die. The others perk up and keep right up with everybody else! Good Luck!!

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