Pip question and dip.


Feb 8, 2017
Still learning here ok my eggs are on day 21 and they have the dip in them but no internal pop. Can't really see in egg to dark, how soon should they internally pip. Just worried they have died. Will the dip still come if they have passed? I always thought no but that could just be me being hopeful. Thanks everyone
Day 21 is a rough guide for hatching and chicks showing signs of hatching. Unfortunately they don't things by the clock, or calendar. They will pip when they are ready and not a moment sooner.

That said, I've spent many a day-21 fretting over the incubator myself, so I understand your worry! I wouldn't really worry until day 22 though, if there is no sign of internal or external pips, but then I've had chicks hatch out fine as late as day 25! So anything is possible... Sit on your hands and give them a bit more time :)
I am just always heard if they pass you won't see the big dip. Yes we have the dip. Worried not much luck this year. Like I need more chickens lol.

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