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    I've hatched chicks about half a dozen times in this particular incubator and this time seems to be the most trouble some. I have five pipped eggs with one who has been pipped for an additional 12 hours or so than the other four. The first one is still alive and it's been 24 hours without it even trying to rotate and make it out. It can make large peeping sounds now like a hatched chick. Is it stuck? I noticed that this chick's human equivalent of a placenta has not dried up though meaning it's not quite ready. Previously. I've had all my hatches emerge within about one day of peeping. Should I be worried?

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    Feb 6, 2007
    First question, what is the expected hatch date? Sometimes they will pip before they are completely ready to fully emerge.

    By 24 hours I will investigate to see what is taking so long. Often I will find that one pipped for that long is stuck and needs some help. I peel the shell around the egg, just like the chick will do when hatching. Then I rewet the membrane with warm water. Most of the time I put it back in the incubator to see if it can progress on its own. Sometimes they do, sometimes I have to cut the membrane. Its a judgement call, one that is hard to give a cut & dried answer for from a computer.
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    Another issue you may be having is a virus or bug in the hatcher. When this hatch is complete be sure to sanitize everything. We had several great hatches last spring and then all of a sudden crud hatches. We cleaned and aired it out real good and Voila' the rest went great. Just an idea:) Hope your chickies are fine
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    I got 6 chicks to finally hatch. My incubator is a little wood creation with literally a pint of polyurethane sealant covering it's 10 square foot surface area,(a 1x1x1 box with a lexan cover) so I dunked it in the sink with a nice bleach solution. Hopefully that killed anything that was in there. Thanks for the replys!
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    Jan 20, 2007
    If the problem is that the membrane is dry, we used a eye dropper and placed drops of warm water to help the peep free itself.

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    This may sound silly,but I new at this and all I keep hearing is not to open the door once they are in lock down, so how would you help just one without harming the humidity to the others?
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    Flash back from the past! This thread is over 4 years old!

    I've now adopted the mantra that if the chicks can't make it, they don't make it. I wait till at least day 22 before popping out hatched chicks. Some steam up their bathroom and open the incubator in there.

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