Pipping on lockdown day?!!


Green Eggs and Hamlet
12 Years
Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
So today is day 18. I have a Genesis Hovabator 1588. Temps have been consistantly at 99 and humidity in the mid 30s. I added water today to get humidity to the mid 50s. Earlier today I thought I heard peeping from the general direction of the incubator, but quickly decided it had to be songbirds outside. It is entirely too early. When I got back home from my errands I peeked in the bator to check on temps. Two of the little boogers have pipped!!!! What is up with that? I have had them come out on day 20, but never day 18. Why do we think they are starting early? There are 10 more in there that haven't pipped. What do I do with the early hatchers while the others are waiting for the regular time to hatch? ARG!!!
Their racing to be the first one out.

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