Pit bull and his peeps.


8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
Here is my male pit bull a few years ago with the brand new babies.

He can take on a javalina but would not hurt my chickens. Good Boy!
Love It! My Pitbull hangs out with the Chickens and Ducks too. If a Raven flies over all the dogs chase it away. I need to dig out my picture of my Pitbull with one of my kittens sleeping on top of her. Thanks for sharing!
THIS is the javelina:

the javelina is native pig-like animal with long teeth --sometimes they will charge you like a wild pig would
my pit bull kept one that we met from charging me --they would eat baby chicks if they could get to them.

All of my other dogs are rescues that i got from my job at a veterinary hospital when the owners were about to put the puppy to sleep because they could not afford the treatment for the disease [parvo].

Ferris i actually bought from a backyard breeder but he was the last of 11 pups and no one wanted him because he was shy. Now he is much more confident
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