Place to buy chicks in Rainier Oregon?


10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
Rainier, Oregon
Hi everyone! I am brand new to this so I hope I'm posting in the right spot! I live in Rainier Oregon and wondered if anyone knows of a place to buy baby chicks near buy? I went to the post office once and saw a lady who ordered chick through the mail. I have to tell you, I felt very sorry for the chicks, half of them were dead... it was a very cold day when she picked them up. I know, I sound like a total newbie and better get used to the fact that things happen! But for now, I would like to find a place near by so I could go pick them up myself. Any ideas? (I did read the post on hatcheries, and found one in Oregon... but they would still have to mail them.) Thanks!!
I did a search on line and found this one...
being a long way from Oregon I don't know much about your area but I also saw some hatcheries in the state of Washington.
If the hatchery is near enough to get the chicks in 2 days the chicks should be fine when they get to you.
I order from cackle hatchery and get my chicks in 2 days and they are fine.
How many are you looking for?

There is a Chicken Swap going on this weekend in Salem, maybe there is something there you would like?

Oregon Chicken Swap

I am picking up 3 chicks there. I know there is someone from Kelso thinking of coming down, I'm from Cottage Grove, others from Bend, Eugene, Corvallis, Portland, etc.

I tried to order from Lazy54 this year. After waiting for almost 4 months to hear from them I gave up and just got some from the local feed store and then built an incubator and hatched the rest.

Good luck in your search!

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