Plan for external nest box? (4 hole stacked)


8 Years
May 6, 2011
I am looking for plans on how to build a 4 hole double decker external nest box. I know there are lots of plans for a single layer 2 hole and I know I CAN adjust for bigger, but I'm hoping there are some sime existing plans.... I can follow instruction really well but don't do so well when I wing it. :). All the loans I've seen have to nest top opening, which would work for top 2 boxes, but I was thinking of having an access door on front that opens to all 4. Unrealistic?
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Apr 24, 2014
lakeland, florida
I don't see the problem with the exterior either front or back of the box being hinged with a couple clasp locks so that you can swing the entire face open to check on the inhabitants. Matter of fact it is what I was planning to do for my nest box. I have an 8x8 play pen that I need to put a box on, and this was an idea I have been kicking around for it.

Just be sure that the face fits snugly so that creepers can't squeeze in and disturb the peace.
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