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Discussion in 'Quail' started by tweetyflights, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Seeing as how it seems that we will have an actual spring this year, I've decided to redo my run. It is an 8x3 foot run, currently only housing 1 lone male valley quail (getting more this spring/summer when the sellers come back up). We have freezing winters, and scorching summers (-20 to +30) and I wanted to put sand as a substrate once all the grass is gone. I want plants that won't need much water, are 100% safe, put I'll be able to create a little "mini- jungle" with them ( bushy, but still eye-pleasing and lots of space for him to run underneath/ in between the plants). I would also like to add various rocks, driftwood(what I can find) and possibly some terra- cotta pot hideouts, unless these would overheat. There also has to be plenty of shade.

    Some more questions [​IMG]:

    1. will the sand overheat or get really dusty in the hot sun? I will either be using play sand or concrete/building sand. Would fine or coarse be better and should I put pea gravel or anything underneath? Also, how deep?

    2. As previously stated, what plants and how many should I put of each? I'm thinking different types of grasses, bushes, plants and ?

    3. Finally, does anyone know a seller/breeder that is willing to send either a couple chicks, or two hens to Canada? BC in particular. :)

    Thank you everyone~ Tweets
  2. I know a few breeders, Pm me and I'll give you their info
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    Sand will work well, but I would advise a roof over the run not only to keep the sand from over heating, but keep the place dry. Dampness and moisture grows bacteria.

    Quail love grasses. I have found that they really enjoy Bermuda Grass. I pot up different types of grasses I find at nurseries and put them around in the aviary. When the quail eat them down to the nub, I remove the pot and let it regrow before replacing it back in with the quail.

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