Planning to move some birds to new pens: genetic combination potential questions


Jun 11, 2016
North East Florida
I have 3 pens at present...always wishing for more, of course. But given the spaces I have now, I still need to reduce population in the smaller pens since chicks from winter and early spring have grown large enough, and I know everyone needs appropriate space.
That said my pens are:
1) "The Silkie House": mom and dad (now also grandmom and granddad) silkie (Mima and Mun~eco) who are pictured in my profile pic, their silkie daughters (Peaches, buff; Chula, blue with partridge hackle; Antonia light body with splashy stripes and a black head--they are nearly a year old--all 3 have gone broody in spring) plus (Marigold, buff and Sterling, blue with partridge. Still pullets).
I bought Mima chicks to adopt when a winter freeze killed the few she'd hatched: 5 Light Brahmas, 3 GLWs, 1 Welsummer, all pullets I believe (pre-sexed when I bought them). + 3 chicks. WAY Too Many birds for the space at their present size.
2) "The Condo": Noni (blue w/ partridge hackle silkie), Zuza (tiny very light yellows and pale tones silkie, has gone broody), Bella (black laced white polish), Bruno (black laced white polish). *This was to be a project pen with silkie and polish, however when I had raccoon attacks in the 3rd pen I moved the hens from there into The Condo for safety. Attacks resolved; I need to move a few back. *newbie hens/pullets in this pen are: Taz (buff Orpington mixed with?), Olivia (flowery hen, light pink eggs), Sparkle (black Australorp maybe pure, maybe mix), Dulce (petite black w/muffs, broody tendencies), Story (buff Orpington, went broody with Zuza in shared nest),+ 2 chicks.
3) "Upstairs" 2 pens and large day play-range fenced area. Presently occupied by 2 roos, Ernie, huge white Leghorn, the dominant who is a rough mater and Bert, huge BR with gentle temperment, the beta.

I tend to be compulsively organized (obvious). I hope detail is helpful instead of annoying.
My genetic combination questions are as follows:
1) BR roo will Only produce All BR offspring? OR if paired with non-white (black, buff, blue) will they produce sex-links?
2) Is there any color (not dominant white) more dominant or equally dominant than BR?
3)Dominant white (Leghorn) will Only produce All white offspring? Or is there any color more or equally dominant? (e.g. black, blue, buff)?
4) in either case (BR roo or White Leghorn roo, will the hen pass recessive color/s to offspring?
5)Black (hen)+ Dom White produces ?
6) Buff (hen)+ Dom white produces ?
7)Black (hen) + BR produces ?
8) Buff (hen) + BR produces ?
9) Light Brahma(hen) + Buff roo produces ?
10) GLW (hen) + blue roo produces ?
11) Light Brahma (hen) + Blue roo produces ?
12) GLW (hen) + blue roo produces ?
13) Do laced/lacing colors follow the same "rules" as solids? e.g. black laced white + blue would= splash? or splash lacing OR totally different rules/concept?
14)How would BLW and GLW interact? produce ?

If I have Not just exhausted the patience of everyone, I am grateful and somewhat pleasantly surprised. But this forum and its members have usually pleasantly surprised me!
I thank everyone in advance for reading, for detailing answers to my questions, OR referring me to the best places to research these answers myself.
This is what I am trying to learn so as to make the best decisions based, 1st on personalities and harmony/safety in the pens, and 2nd to give myself the best chances of aranging my pens/flock in such a way as to accomplish some of my genetic and appearance goals. The birds' health, happiness, safety and well-being are my #1 priority. And should be.
If I can also manifest the fringe benefit of good housing combinations, I'd be positively tickled!
Thanks again!!!

Peaches. Her sister Marigold is a smaller carbon copy.

20161108_154052_1488415053458_resized.jpg Bella and Bruno, polish

I'll post more from my phone.
I'm sending pics from phone to my email since that's how I figured I know how to share them here best.
I will list who is where and what my thoughts/possibilities I'm exploring are.
Suffice it to say that if I write "color=black" I do mean all black. "Buff" same thing. That will reduce the amount of space I take up with pics.
Bella and Bruno (black laced white polish, hen and roo)
Noni (blue/partridge hackle silkie roo)
Zuza (petite light "watercolor" silkie; recently co-brooded with Story)
Story (Buff Orpington)
Olivia (pic coming, round bodied "flowery" buff and brown tones)
Dulce (petite black with muffs pullet)
Sparkle (black Australorp/pure or mix) *Considering her moving Upstairs with Taz
Taz (orange-buff Orp mix with ?) *Considering moving to Upstairs with Sparkle.
both Sparkle and Taz are independent, stand up for themselves, already know and like Ernie and Bert (Upstairs roos)

Silkie House:
*Mima (splash silkie, see my profile pic)
*Muneco (orange buff silkie, see my profile pic)
*Peaches (bright yellow buff large silkie, recently co-brooded with sister Chula, pic coming)
*Chula (blue with partridge hackle large silkie, recently co-brooded with Peaches)
*Antonia (med size 2-tone silkie, black head, light body with yellow and blue splashy stripes, pic coming, recently had a brooding attempt, misplaced her one chick who nearly drowned, "Chicken Little", black-very dark grey chick, is still in guest bathroom, eek, with Opal the 2nd, all black juvie pullet)
*Marigold (copy of Peaches one hatch younger, considering moving to Upstairs)
*Sterling (looks between Chula and Antonia's colors, same hatch as Marigold, considering moving Upstairs with Marigold)
PLUS 5 Light Brahma juvie pullets (one pic coming, visualize 5 of them, considering moving 4 of them Upstairs, one staying in Silkie House to experiment with the color combos)
PLUS 3 Gold Laced Wyandottes, juvie pullets, (one pic coming, visualize 3 of them, considering Moving 2 of them to Upstairs, one staying in Silkie House for color experiment)
PLUS 1 Welsummer (juvie pullet, considering moving Upstairs)

All new chicks 2 in Condo 3 in Silkie House stay put until they gain size and sense, then I'll decide.
Opal the 2nd and Chicken Little both in guest bathroom both recovering from near drowning, very bonded, must stay together and cannot live in the guest bathroom! Black and black-very dark grey, one pullet, one ? Likely moving to Condo. They look just like Dulce with the muffs.

If I go forward with the ideas I listed, the younger smaller pullets will stay in the fully enclosed pen, Sparkle, Taz, Sterling, Marigold will sort of supervise them at night and be let out into the very large fenced in play/range area (only the 4 almost-hens) to play with and provide "dating"/egg fertilizing by Ernie (White Leghorn) and Bert (Barred Rock).
I've tried to load the following pics of the other cuties in moving question.
I guess I'm about to see if that worked. (if it didn't I'll try again).
I noe see that it didn't work, darn it.
If you have ideas, though, I invite you to plz share them!
I do recognize I'm being totally obsessive with an idea that has entirely to do with trial and error (or I'd rather say "trial and success"!).
Meanwhile it continues to pour buckets here.
I feel so badly for the chickens bcs their space, even before today's pouring rauin, was soaked! There are rooves over every coop--not covering the whole coop (with the exception of The Condo that does have a solid roof but the junctures between roof and walls still leak). So everyone is wet and dirty. EEK!
In my whole time of chicken keeping I have learned to greatly reduce the "soak factor"...but that's a far ways from keeping everything dry!
When the rains dry or taper off, I plan to dig, haul and deposit large quantities of extra new dirt onto the "floors"/ground of every coop. I have to wait, 1st until it stops raining enough that the new ground level won't just be washed away and 2nd, to be able to dig, haul and deposit the dirt that, I hope if dryer, doesn't weigh so much that I can't do the task. I turn 54 years old very soon and that's def a factor in what I can do.
Happily, beside being wet and looking peeved, the inconveneince to them (no small matter) has been just and only that--an inconvenience. Nobody has caught a cold or anything. I am grateful for that.
I'll continue to try playing with the pics...maybe revert to to trying to learn the new process to load pics directly from my phone. Who knows really.
I hope someone else with knowledge in genetic questions I'm asing will come around and say something about some of my questions...
If not, well, I've been pretty used to the "wing-it" method of learning and there is always that option still.
I have been hoping to benefit from the experience of others. That may not be in the cards for my learning though.
I'll keep the thread posted.

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