Plans for Camper shell= chicken tractor?????


11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Please help,
I want to turn a camper shell from a truck into a chicken tractor. I can't find it in my searches. I know I have seen it done before.
Let me know if you have a website or anythong books even.
I googled it already and can't find it.
That is what I have, the fiberglass ones work great. In the winter they solarize in the sun keeps them warmer. I have put a blue tarp over it in the summer. It keeps the heat down. Make sure the windows open, when some of ours quit we just left it open and put a cover over it in the winter. Good luck. Susan
Thanks ladies.I think I am going to have to come up with a plan myself.I will be sure to post the process on my page.That is if I ever figure out how to load my pictures on it.
I built a chicken coop using a truck cap, way to heavy to be chicken tractor.
Truck caps make OK chicken coops, not very pretty to look at or move.
I will try to send some Pic's

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