Plants in chicken run- making of a garden

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    Aug 22, 2016
    So part of my fenced yard is the chicken run, and I do like a garden, so I've been researching plants and trying different things. It's so hideous looking in the winter, all the mud and muck and it rains so I am on a mission to try to have a garden- and chickens. So the grape plants I put the chicken wire on the ground around it, and they have left it alone. I will have to block off sections I don't want them to get to, but I want them to have space too. They completely leave the catmint alone, they don't even scratch around it, as well as the Russian sage. Same with euphorbia. Lady's mantle? Stripped. Nearly gone. A little scratching around rosemary, and definitely the lavender. I have some gravel paths, which worried me at first- that they might eat the pea gravel, but they don't. So I have structure with bricks and grave paths, which is easy to clean up when they do scratch and I am reading the Chicken Garden, which is very helpful too. I will post pics soon....if anyone knows of any other plants that do well near chickens.....I am also going to incorporate raspberries they can eat, but first of the season blueberries are humans!

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