Plaster of Paris - What can you do with it


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
I saw it on sale... 2.50 for 4 pounds... what do i do with it now?
I was going to purchase Sculpey clay to make more jewelry, but since this was on sale... I thought why the heck not?
Can you do the same with it as Sculpey clay?

I just wanted to know your experiences with it and what you can do with it exactly.

PLEASE be DETAILED. I'm a little word-understanding-slow.
SO you can't use it like clay putty??? I googled it and it just told me WHAT it was made of
Ohh! Ohh! waves hand in air I know I know. You can make those rat balls to kill all the rats without harming other animals.
Just something I've learned here at BYC..
THAT'S the reason why I bought it!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Because of YOU!
I was like, Oh some gal on BYC was talking about it and how it kills rats... LOL
But I raise reptile food for fun, so.... LOL can't contaminate them!!!

I thought of you, don't you feel loved????

I'm going to make chalk out of it
Anyone want to buy some for their kiddos???
if you have rubber moulds you can pour it in to make ornaments.

you can use it to thicken cloth to make sculptures, masks etc

use modelling clay to make a mould for making things, and pour it in there...

use rubber gloves (rubber only inside, if they're the sort to have fabric inside, turn them inside out) to make hand sculptures.

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