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Aug 4, 2013
I have two 2 1/2 week old silver laced polish chicks. They act like they are play fighting a lot. They jump at each other and chase each other around. Is this normal? I have never had chickens before.
If their both roosters yes my lot run up and chest bum each other and as they get older they start pulling at the feathers on the backs of each others necks, i doubt they will seriously hurt each other. :)
Thanks for the info. They seem to be play fighting all the time.. Hope they are not two roos!
I have two one-week-old chicks and they've been doing exactly that for a few days now. Even jump up and hurl their feet at each other like roosters fighting. I think they're just playing, though, since the next second they're happily standing right next to each other eating or whatever.
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Imagine a couple kids together. They need to play. If they have heat on one side and it's cool on the other side and they have food and water somewhere in between they will live. If they have a reason to goof around in between, they will. They are kids. Throw a grasshopper in with them and sit back and watch if you want a good time.
Ok, it is good to know that this behavior is normal. I have bought them crickets and wax worms before...they went nuts! I was shocked at how many crickets they ate in one sitting....pretty much all the crickets and wax worms. And I had about 30 crickets in there with 3 chicks...and a bunch of wax worms too! Gone in no time.
I get so much enjoyment out of the demise of a grasshopper, it seems I should pay money for it! Also yellow squash is great too. I cut it into little fingers and let the youngsters go nuts. They love to roll hot dog chunks around as well.

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