Playing in the grass--pics!


10 Years
Mar 27, 2009
1 hour west of St. Louis, MO
Here they are ad 3.5 weeks penned outside yesterday! It was really windy but super warm out, and they blew around a bit, but they enjoyed their little outing! I put a few scoops of super wormy compost in, and they went nuts! They took turns roosting on the little branch, but one buff orp stayed there the whole time. So I picked her up only to find a number of her tailfeathers nipped off--a tiny bit of blood was at the tips, so I cleaned her off and put her back in the brooder with the fuzzy Tinkerbell slipper--so she has earned the name Tinkerbell. When I put everyone back, I put the 5 EEs in with her (those are my sweetest most trustworthy birds), and all is well.

They all slept so soundly last night! I can't wait until the coop is done (this week, for sure) to see what they think of it!!

Here are the Chickies!


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