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The ducks will be five weeks old on Monday and they are so much fun. I admit there have been moments of near heart failure for me due to their antics but the laughs and chuckles far outweigh the scares (see my post about the headless duck

Pics from yesterday's playtime...


My little Sasha, who is going to be a silver ancona I believe (I am still secretly hoping lavender)...


Goofy antics



Enjoying the sunshine and the pool


Hershey, one of my chocolate anconas who is now quacking. YAY


Ducklings undergoing "Attack Training" I have come to conclusion if my home is ever invaded I can toss spinach leaves, frozen peas or tomatoes at the intruder and release the ducks...they will attack! The victim in this test is a friend of the family who volunteered to be attacked.



Grooming in the tractor after the pool playtime

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Yours have splotchy beaks now too. I am waiting for them to turn black. I am also seeing black patches on feet and legs.
wifezilla...splotchy? explain please. My Anconas bills have splotches but they will stay marked as they are...orangeish with the darker markings. The Harlequins do not seem splotchy to me...they have a dark blackish greenish solid color.

What am I looking for?
Come north for a visit...looks like I may have 3 drakes too many in the Harlequins. Come check out the redwoods...grab a duck and make a weekend out of it. hahahaha
That's what I am talking about...the greenish spots. They are slowly spreading on my girls and they will (I assume) turn black over time
ah okay that makes sense. I look at the anconas and see splotchy because of the markings but the Harlequins are solid so I was confused. thanks for clearing that up for me Wifezilla.

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