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    There are 8 eggs.. March 8th is Hatch Day... March 6th is Lock Down... ~I have LG Incubator/still air. ~(Also, I have 5 eggs in the Incubator with Hatch Day March 13th) *What should temp & humidity be at lock down?? *Do I put a paper towel down under the hatching eggs?? or put Cup Cake Papers under each egg?? *It WILL be OK to Turn 3x's & Mist the Other 5eggs??(but,Very Quickly) *Do I put a Container with a Wet Sponge in it Under a Vent hole(where water can be added w/o opening incubator)for humidity?? *How long do babies Stay in the Incubator?? ~ Thank you, Julie }}}Also I Need the scoop on Brooders/set up & accessories, Should I start a different post??
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    for lockdown i try to aim for 80-85%. you may need sponages. i usually need 3. but it differs. yes under one of vent holes. you can put paper towl under eggs. but it can change humdity. you have to keep eye on it.

    as for the other eggs. i would not mist during lockdown. just turn quickly and shut bator.

    when your ducklings hatch they will turn other eggs for you some.[​IMG] all still airs are 101.5 for incubation and lockdown.

    with a still air babies do not fluff up as soon as with a fan. i usually do 12-24 hours. depends on how fluffy and perky they are. my runners were quite big and tall. i was afraid they would get burnt. they kept touchy the heating element. so after i had 2-3 i would remove. my bator was really full they didn't have much room to move around.

    dont stress too much it can be done.[​IMG] my call lockdown starts march 7 but i have chicks doin lockdown march 6. doing a staggered hatch again. this shold be interesting.
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    My lock down starts today and I had all of these questions too so thanks for asking [​IMG]
  4. Good Luck Julie, im looking forward to seeing your ducklings after such a hard time you had.
    I cant comment on your incubator as I dont have a still air but as for a brooder...I use a 45 gal tote from walmart. Or you could use a small pool with folded cardboard round the edges to make it higher as ducklings can jump and will jump out if they can. . I find for the 1st few days puppy pads can be slippery for them on their wobbly legs so I use towels then change to puppy pads. Water bowl I use a carton with a lid and put it in a dor dowl so they cant jump on it and knock it over and the bowl catches the drips. same with food I cut a hole in a lid, I find shallow and wide works better than high and long as high and long they tip over.
    EDITED to say....and once you are in lockdown and you have a pip...DO NOT OPEN THE BATOR...or all your hard work is down the drain. Leave it alone!!!!
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    Boy I'm sure gonna have some messed up ducklings. I'm surprised there even moving/alive. What is the low temp gonna do, does any body know? I had the temp too low the whole time. How stupid the temp thing I'm using came with the incubator and is marked with a red line @ 99.5. ~Okay, so temp 101.5 & humidity 80-85 for lock down. And temp now should be 101.5. ~ Paper towel in bator under hatching eggs.~ And the towel, then the puppy pads are for the brooder.. .Do I use heat for brooder~ Can I buy the little feeder tray with holes in it & the water container that sits upside down with holes in it? ~What do i feed the babies? Thanks for all the help and support, Julie
  6. Quote:Yes you can use those thigs with the holes, yes you will need a heat light and you feed them none medicated chick starter.

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