please any one define me what is bird flue

Here's what I found:

How to Recognise Avian Influenza
What to look for

* Ruffled feathers
* Soft-shelled eggs
* Depression and droopiness
* Sudden drop in egg production
* Loss of appetite
* Cyanosis (purplish-blue coloring) of wattles and comb
* Edema and swelling of head, eyelids, comb, wattles, and hocks
* Green diarrhoea
* Blood-tinged discharge from nostrils
* Incoordination, including loss of ability to walk and stand
* Pin-point hemorrhages (most easily seen on the feet and shanks)
* Respiratory distress
* Increased death losses in a flock
* Sudden death
* Nasal discharges

from this website:

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