Please beware of this.

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    I received two e-mails concerning credit card fraud from my son who is a big deal in the military.

    In my line of work, this kind of thing pops up all of the time. The easiest way to avoid social engineering attacks like this is to never give out personal or security information over the phone or email. Any credit card company will tell you – they will NEVER ask for your information to verify anything unless YOU CALL THEM. Most companies will verify your identity with special security questions that you’ve provided to them.


    You can follow up but please be aware that this thing is going around.

    I never thought to tell you but I've been getting e-mails from someone pretending to be my credit card company. I called my CC company and was told this is not a valid e-mail. They use "security" in the heading.

    Hope your all safe,


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    Now that is a very well thought out scam. [​IMG]
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    That's crazy!!!

    Hard to believe that stuff people will pull..

    Although it does explain why when my debit card was flagged, they never called me..

    Went on a huge shopping trip.. Not like my usual spending, 4 new rims/tires installed.. Off to Wally's Word, Christmas Shopping, Grocery Store, Christmas Dinner shop and reg. groceries..

    Went to TSC card came back "over spending limit" I knew this wasn't the case, so I called them and yes sorry for my inconvience, There's been alot of money being spent today.. A lot of security questions verfiing me, where I've been, and What I"ve spent.. Took a whole 5 min. Hold came off card, I went back into TSC and bought what I had planned too.. So yup, I guess this is part of the reason they never called me, just blocked card.. I for one was very happy my bank flagged this, they are working hard to try to portect us.. Still to this day 3 years later, haven't spent that much money in one day.. lol
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    I've had my card flagged after an unusual purchase. I had bought quite a lot of fencing, and the first time it ran through with the wrong board size, they credited the account and reran the correct size. By the time I got home, I had a message from my credit card company saying that two loads of fencing had been run through on my card, evidently the credit processed more slowly. It made me very grateful that I have the company that I do.

    Scammers suck...and it can be so hard to take care of the muck that they generate.

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