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This ad is for anyone ordering after June 14th!
As by then i'll have enough true reds in my incubator that I'll be happy to send some out!!! Could get around 10-12 red eggs as long as my reds lay the 2-3 days I collect for you!
In the red pen is 2 red hens (one is a mismarked tuxedo), and a golden red hen, as well as a brown carrying the red gene all these hens are over an A & M roo that SHOULD keep the red coloring around!


That above is what the reds and red carriers looked like as chicks They are very beautiful birds and are "rare" to the colors of coturnix you can get around the US.
These are also known as chocolates (the reds) and the golden reds are also known as ginger/fawns.

True red as adult:

Red Golden as adult next to a normal brown hen:

This assortment also includes Jumbo Goldens, Jumbo Brown (however the jumbo browns are in the golden pen and golden is domiant over brown so you'll get more goldens than browns but may get a few browns). Tuxedos, Red tibetans and Orange tibetans! Also MAY include a few A & Ms (whites).

I DO NOT have pay pal, please send money order or cashiers check of $15. PM me for my address. I will not collect for you until I recieve your money that way I can insure thier freshness. I ship UPS with tracking which does not deliver to your PO boxes so if you have a PO Box only please let me know that so I can package them up ina normal prority mail box and send htem out to you via usps. I perfer to ship UPS so will only ship usps if needed. Fertility looks very good on my eggs and I only ship out clean eggs dirty ones are not included.
Please include your screen name in a letter in your envelope so I know who to contact when I recieve your money order and again when the eggs are sent out with the tracking info.

Red tibetan (also known as dark or black tibetan):


Orange tibetan:

Jumbo Goldens:


Again, please PM me, I don't check here as often so it's better to PM me.

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If your able to do a second batch anytime after June 22nd (I'll be on vacation until the 22nd) I would love to buy a batch from you! Let me know, and I'll get a money order out asap.

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