Please help!! 1 duck died & 2nd duck not eating

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by OliveGreen, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. OliveGreen

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    Jun 2, 2018
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    This time last week I had to put my beautiful 12 &1/2 year old Albert to sleep. A fortnight before, he had started refusing his regular pellet feed. He would eat other types of food when I encouraged him, but gradually over the course of a fortnight reduced to eating nothing at all. He also had a really strangle gurgling noise going on somewhere is his gut, but no other noticeable symptoms. Even though he wasn’t eating normally he still seemed like his usual self - making happy sounds, enjoying foraging, bathing and preening, and even trying to bicker with the other drakes (in a separate pen), and standing his ground with my bossy girl. He still had every feather in place and looked perfect. I was remarking just the week before this all started that for an old boy of 12 he still looked the same as he did at 2 years old! (maybe I jinxed him )

    A week into his illness I took him to my avian vet and they did a full blood panel revealing that he had elevated white blood cells and urea/uric acid in his bloodstream. (They also did a fecal float that showed a higher than normal ratio of some kind of Protozoa). Based on this they diagnosed him with chronic kidney disease.

    He was prescribed antibiotics (Amoxyclav) and an anti protozoan medication (Metrogyl), and a couple of days later a medication used in humans to try and slow down the progression of kidney disease (Allopurinol) which is a bit experimental for use in birds.

    I took him back to the vet a couple of times during the week to be given a crop feed and intravenous fluids but nothing seemed to be really helping. He would seem to pick up a bit one day and eat a tiny bit of food and then go downhill the next refusing to eat anything, and losing weight all the while. On his last day he was starting to stumble around and was making gagging motions like he wanted to vomit so I decided it wasn’t fair on him to keep trying, and took him to be PTS.

    Albert was a such handsome calm boy. He and his Khaki brother were the very first ducklings I bought home 12 & 1/2 years ago. His passing feels like the end of an era. I really miss him.

    NOW, over the last few days his 11 & 1/2 year old son Walter is refusing his food too!!! His belly is also making strange gurgling noises as well. Unfortunately, my avian vet isn’t open over the weekend, so I have him booked in for a blood test first thing Monday morning. I’m really terrified of losing him as well! He’s the sweetest little boy. The friendliest, and most cuddly of my drakes.

    Please HELP I don’t know what could be causing this. Could it be something environmental? Too much calcium? Too much protein? Some kind of toxic plant? An infection of some sort... but what kind?

    I really don’t want to loose Walter too, or any of my other ducks. Is there something I can do to try and help him before he can see the Vet on Monday? I still have Albert’s left over medications that I could give him.
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  2. Texas Kiki

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    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I don't see what it will hurt by using Albert's left over medicine for Walter.
  3. katiebrock

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    Apr 7, 2019
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    I am so sorry for your loss
  4. OliveGreen

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    Jun 2, 2018
    Melbourne, Australia
    Thanks Texas Kiki & katiebrock. He was a lovely boy.
    I guess I should consider myself lucky that none of my birds has really had any major health problems till fairly recently.

    I’m a little scared that this problem, what ever it is, might sweep through my whole flock now though - wish I could figure it out.

    I love them so much I just wish they’d live forever! :fl
  5. OliveGreen

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    Jun 2, 2018
    Melbourne, Australia
    22C6063A-D767-4546-BDC2-6B7C3B587441.png Albert enjoying his last day in the garden <3
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  6. Miss Lydia

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    What a beautiful picture of Albert. Very sorry for your loss:hugs

    I think it would be a good idea to start Walter on Alberts meds until Monday, as for what could be causing this maybe a good sweep over the whole area they forage on and check out their feed real well for mold. I know you probably already have but if you think this could be a toxin there is a flush thread here I'll get you the link.
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  7. Raenh

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    Jul 29, 2017
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    I'm so sorry for your loss and hope for a better outcome for walter. Let us know what you find out. :hugs:hit
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