PLEASE HELP! 5 day old chick can't walk - won't eat or drink


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May 2, 2016
Leicester, Massachusetts
I have a 5-day old Ayam Cemani chick who is having major trouble trying to walk. She stumbles all over the place. At first I thought she had a mild case of splayed leg but I'm almost sure now that it's not. For her first 4 days I had a foot splint on one of her feet due to a crooked toe. I've given her electrolytes and tried to do the leg splint thingy but she kept falling on her belly and couldn't get back up. She continuously chirps, even when she falls asleep (which is quite often) and chirps and sleeps far more often than the other chicks. Is she going to make it? Has anyone dealt with anything like this before?

She's also stopped eating and drinking - I'm having to force water with electrolytes and plain yogurt and egg yolk every so often.

She's not opening her eyes anymore either. What's happening to my baby?

UPDATE; Little Booboo passed. :(
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Is she under heat? Looks a bit like the kind of weakness I see in chicks who have been chilled.

Unfortunately, there is little to be done for singular sickly chicks. If they have been kept in proximity to a heat source (with the option to move freely away from it as well), offered feed and water, and given electrolytes, there is not much else to be done. Either they will survive or they will not.

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