Please help! 6 Month old chicken not walking properly and sitting down


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Dec 30, 2011
Hi there.
We have three black chickens that have just started laying eggs like.. 1 week ago. I'm unsure if the one in question has been laying but I know at least two of them are because we get 2-3 eggs a day normally. For two days now, one chicken has been taking a few small wobbly steps and then sitting back down again.. She eats and drinks fine but will also sit down to sleep and her tail is always pointing down now instead of up. And she also was (we think) pecked in the eye accidently the night before this happened. We were watching them walk around and all of the sudden she let out a cry and was stunned for a minute before moving again, and one eye was closed for 24 hours, could this have something to do with it?

We live in the Northern Territory of Australia and wet season has just kicked in so it gets quite rainy and steamy here, she is very stiff when she walks, they are free range so get plenty to eat, we also feed them chicken seed mix and pellets. Please, what could be wrong with her? She will only take 3 slow steps and then sit down again. But then again, sometime she will stand up and take 10.
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Can you open her mouth and look into her throat. For worms, mucus or anything stuck? If its clear and what she vomited is just looks like water then it could be pneumonia.
Thanks mate, it's very hot here so I'm guessing not neumonia. My wife has taken it to the vet this morning so we'll see what they say, although I'm betting they will charge us a hundred bucks or so and tell us they don't know whats wrong, that's usually the case with medical people. It looked like water that she threw up.

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