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    Jun 12, 2016
    We purchased 8 chicks from a feed store about three months ago and were given 2 chicks from a local keeper a month and a half after that. From the beginning they were kept in a temperature appropriate brooder, the first three days given a probiotic and electrolyte support in water, fed a medicated diet and cleaned daily. After 9 days we lost our first chick. Her symptoms were mild... She began with slightly ruffled feathers which progressed to bedding down then lethargy and inappetance then open mouth breathing and died. We thought it was an isolated event and added the 2 from a friend, then the next day we lost another and again about 2 weeks later with the same symptoms. The chicks would seem perfectly healthy and decline and die within 24 hours. As time has gone on we have continued losing chicks [​IMG] I have tried everything I can find on other posts and scouring diseases common in backyard chickens. I have supplemented the water with apple cider vinager, fed oatmeal mash with yogurt, supplemented with vit. B12 and a poultry cell from rooster booster, had a fecal done that yielded no results. We just kept losing chicks they have the same symptoms with little variation (ruffled feathers, hunkering down, lethargy, some exhibit inappetance, some had diarrhea never any blood, then open moth breathing and death). Even tho the fecal didn't show coccidiosis it was recommended to give Corid V a try, that was administered at 9.6 ml/ gal for 5 days than again 2 weeks later same dose for 3 days. I gave electrolyte, vitamin and probiotics following first course and I am again after finishing the second. We lost another chick during the first course, all seemed good after that then when starting the second dosing we lost another and then another just after finishing those 3 days. All of the chicks we had from the feed store have died, we have the two that were given to us still and they appear really healthy, eating/drinking, peeping, sun bathing and scratching for food as chickens do. Today I found a loose bloody poo in the coops box. Please, if any experienced keepers have any suggestions or thoughts as to what we have been devastadly experiencing please let me know. I need assistance at this point I really dont want to to have these last two die [​IMG]

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