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14 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Wilson, NC
We came home and little penguin was caught in the fence. Her wing looks inside out. There is no broken skin. Im afraid to try to flip it back right side out as I don't want to make anything worse.
What can I do?
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All vets are closed for the holiday. We left a voice mail with a livestock vet, but I don't even know if they treat poultry.
I did take her to someone who raises many breeds and types of birds. She said that since Penguin is so young and tiny that there probably wasn't any thing that could be done outside of an avian vet and it would be risky.
We are going to keep her isolated with a friend and see how she does. She is eating, drinking and doesn't seem to be in pain, but I worry that she may be.
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This looks dislocated, the longer you wait the more difficult it will become to relocate the wing due to the expected swelling of the tissue.
She thought she felt a break below the joint and with how upside down it looks I'm sure the ligaments and tendons are all torn. I don't want to cause more damage. If I were to try something and made it worse, I would have to cull her, for her sake.
I have found so zero that work on chickens, other than the exotic avian specialist that starts at $200 and is an hour and a half away. Not one of the farm vets does poultry and one even explained why.
She said that the mentality around here is that for a $40 vet visit for a $5 bird, they would just cull and get eight more.
That doesn't help when your birds are pets. I mean, I understand it, but I would spend the $40 to get advice and do what I could to help her lead a normal life and not be in pain.
I couldn't do $130 x-ray and $200 surgeries, but I would spend $40 to help her.
I just can't find anyone that will help.

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