Please help before more die


Apr 22, 2015
On 7/24, I got 13 "day old" chicks from a local larger breeder. We used the same brooder set up that we have used in the past that has worked well for 70+ other chicks which are now healthy adults. We always clean it before a new group. We lost 2 chicks the first week, thought maybe due to travel stress. They all seemed fine one evening then dead the next. The only thing that I did different was nonmedicated feed. At that time I put sav-a-chick electrolytes and probiotics in their water and switched to medicated feed. They all seemed okay for a week then I found another one dead. All poop seems normal now. I did notice a few reddish ones prior to switching to the medicated feed. Last night everyone was fine, all running around
Today, I found a chick very weak, off balance with movement, and lethargic. Its right toes were curled up but straightened. I thought it might have been dehydrated or vitamin deficiency, so I used a syringe and gave it poultry cell and sav-a-chick electrolytes and probiotics. I left it alone under the electric hen. 2 hours later I went to check on her, she was a lot weaker, and gasping. We took her into the house. She wouldn't drink and her crop still had what she drank earlier in it. She died less than an hour later. Gasping and looked like seizure activity. She laid over on her side towards the end and had her legs stretched straight. Fluid kept coming out of her mouth. And ahe kept pulling her head back to where it touched her back. Sorry for so many details but need help to figure out what is killing them.

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