Please help! Chicken fell into pond and won't move


5 Years
Apr 19, 2015
Flower Mound, Texas
Im so sorry for my terrible grammar and writing, im writing this in a hurry

So I had just checked the coop to make sure that everyone was inside so i could lock the coop, and I found out that one of my easter eggers, Cashew, was no where to be found. I checked the yard until I found her sitting in the edge of the pond where the water reached to her back (not over her chin or head)

i brought her inside and shes now wrapped up in towels and sitting in a cardboard box, and she wont move
shes making some small noises whenever I move her but shes kind of in this crouched position

I dont know how long she was in the pond

i have no idea what to do? Please help
Here she is now

Is she eating and drinking? Give her electrolytes in her water that should perk her up. You can also give her some scrambled or hard boiled eggs that will give her some more energy. Look her over for any wounds that could have caused her to be out sitting in the pond, that's the part that's stumping me. What is the temperature where you're at? If it's cold the water cold have put her into shock. Keep her warm and in a quite area and try to get her to eat and drink the eggs and electrolyte water.
Its certainly not cold here; being in Texas is reaches 100 every day. I didn't find any wounds; my guess is that she fell in and couldn't get back out, as the water level in the pond was fairly low. We just used up all of our eggs for dinner today, so I can't get her any until tomorrow.

Should I keep her indoors in towels tonight? She isnt eating or drinking right now, but I just pulled her out.
Okay, shes doing a lot better now

She took a little bit of corn and seeds, and shes preening a little and standing
I blow-dried her off so shes nice and dry.

I'll keep her in for a bit longer, then I think it'll be okay to put her back in the coop? Hopefully she can roost.
You can keep her in tonight as she is probably exhausted and youll also be able to monitor her and make sure she is eating and drinking, that's the best option. If she seems ok and like the other chickens aren't bothering her and she can roost that's probably fine. But you won't be able to monitor if she's acting ok or if the others are bothering her.

It's good that she ate something and that she has no wounds. As long as she's acting normal and whatnot she'll be just fine.

Keep us updated I hope Cashew feels better in a little bit, she's really cute. :D

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