please help! chickens not safe!

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  1. jeepgirl13

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    Mar 13, 2013
    Ok so I have been having this.problem with my neighbors animals. She has 7 or 8 feral cats, none of which are fixed, and 5 dogs that run loose, none of them are fixed. The dogs have been tearing up my fence to get into my back yard so I fixes the.fence and blocked it with some logs. I just got done installing chicken wire and fencing so I can let my chicks free range while I'm out there and now that fence is torn up!!!!!! Words cannot express how frustrated I am..... anywho, can some one please give me simple instructions on how I can electrify the top AND bottom of my fence? I've tried talking to the lady and she won't do anything. Before I put up the second.d fence I would frequently find her dogs trying to get at my chickens in their coop and, get this, ON MY BACK PORCH! fenced in yard and her dogs are on my back porch barking and whining. Please somebody help me! I'm loosing my sanity, and sleep, because of this.

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    Time to call the authorities or become a good shot with a 22 caliber weapon and a way to dispose of the dead dogs and cats.
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    I would go the authorities route first so they know they situation. They will likely say you have the right to defend your property against invaders. Hopefully they will talk to the neighbor first and something will get done that way. But if the dogs and cats keep showing, I would do what I had to do. Good luck to you.
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    Find out what your laws are and report it. Call animal control, the sheriff whomever. You need to find your local and your state laws. For instance, there is not a leash law in my county but AL does have a leash law so that trumps county (this via the sheriff's office here).

    You did the first step by talking to them. Nowhere (that I know of) is it legal for someone to have their dogs roaming without any consequence.

    If the dogs are friendly, take them to animal control or have them picked up as strays. The owner will need to pay to "bail them out". I would also report it to the police as you are suffering property damage by the dogs.

    You can just call the non-emergency police # and tell them the problem. They will let you know what they can do. Then, keep calling.

    Chicken wire is not going to keep your birds safe. It sounds like you've found that out already. If legal, shoot them. It sounds like you may be more suburban or "living in town" at least.

    Sorry for the problems. Been there.

    Also, most places won't do anything about cats so buy or rent a trap and take them to animal control. Be persistant and annoying if you run into road blocks along the way.
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  5. amnich

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    Mar 6, 2013
    Bring them to a no-kill shelter. The shelter has a responsibility to get them fixed, so at least that will be a positive that comes of it. Also, some counties have barn or feral cat rescue groups, where they take cats like the ones you have described, get them fixed, and then people who have a use for a barn or feral cat can adopt them. The animals would not be your problem anymore, they would get fixed so they wouldn't add to the homeless animal population, and they would be taken by someone more responsible about animal-keeping than your neighbor.
  6. jeepgirl13

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    Mar 13, 2013
    I have thought about the 22 but I don't want to kill them... unless I have to. I've got a pellet rifle I use to shoot the ground next to.them when I see them in my yard. The chicken wire is just to keep my chickens on my property when I'm out there with them. I know I can't leave them by them selves. I've got a live trap already. I planned on trapping the cats and taking them to my pound. They go to the petsmart adoption program from there. The dogs are friendly to adults but not children and I've got a 4 yr old which worries me too. I live outside of city limits so I'm in the sheriffs jurisdiction as well. I will give them a call tomorrow and see what can be done. I wasn't sure they would be able to help me. Thanks for the input. Amy further advice is appreciated as well.
  7. patti17340

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    Wild cats are not something you want to mess around with.. I am working with a girl who almost lost her arm because of a scratch from a wild cat..She was on IV's for 8 weeks and the infection spread to her heart muscle..I am not a believer of killing animals but if the person who owns they does not care enough about them to take proper care of them I would have the SPCA come and round them up ... someone is going to get hurt. Let Animal Control deal with her , that way you are not the bad guy.. My DH would of shot them all by now.. You get one warning and than they are gone the next time they cross our property line..

  8. aprophet

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    1 oz skunk musk and 15 oz peanut oil live trap and hose them this normally modifies the owners behavoir
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    I too deal with a jerk neighbor. These dogs have done substantial damage already by damaging your fences and causing you to repair or add more fencing, this is cost you should be reimbursed for along with your time. The dog owner is liable for all damage and killed livestock. Also it is likely very illegal for them to allow these animals to roam this way, take the advice of others here and start with a call to the authorities, I recommend starting with the non emergency number to county sheriff's office, it will either be under his jurisdiction or if it is not because you live in a municipality which has it's own ordinance they sheriff's office should be able to direct you to the proper authority. Call them everytime there is a problem, and take pictures of the damage each time and if you can of the animals on your property or trying to get your birds, video is even better if that is an option. The authorities will likely fine the owner and possibly sieze the animals. If that doesn't work shoot them. And in the meantime keep a gun loaded incase they manage to get at your birds, you may have no choice but to kill them in that circumstance.
  10. jeepgirl13

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    Mar 13, 2013
    Thank you bluecoondog! Awesome tractor btw. :D I wasn't sure how to go about this and the people employed at my sheriffs office don't really seem to want to give me any direction. I wasn't able to repair either fence yet due to work so I can still get good pictures. They are just blocked with logs right now. Looks like I'm going to have to get a cooler and a lawn chair and park myself outside on my days off. Not my idea of a day offf, unless there's a fishing pole in my hand! :D, but I gotta do something. Thank u all so far.

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