Please help! GQF 1202 Thermostat trouble


6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
I just got a 1202 GQF. After managing to regulate the backup thermostat to 102 and have it stay there for about 1 hour, I have been trying to set up the regular (front) thermostat. I am having NO luck. It stays around 96 degrees. I can't get it any warmer. Any suggestions??
I would call them for sure. But here's a little rundown to make sure the thermometer is reading right first of all. Bring water to a rolling boil. Make sure the thermometer is reading 212. If not twist it to calibrate it to 212. When it gets back to room temp put it in the front thermometer hole. Turn the front thermostat to wide open if electronic (full counter clockwise). Set your back wafer to 102. Wait 30 minutes, adjust your front one down to 99.5 (turning clockwise to decrease temp from 102 to 99.5).

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