Please help!! I’ve got a Croupy, Rattling, Broad Breasted Bronze Hen!! And I’m in a panic!!

Kandace Edgar

Oct 13, 2021
Hey y’all I’m worried about my sweet “Baby Bird”!! About 2 weeks ago she literally was fine one day and the next she had a horrible cough, mucus coming out of her chest through her mouth and nose when she could actually get it up, I started giving her 1 ml of Terra Vet 200 everyday for 5 days and she seemed to be getting better, she has still been eating and drinking this whole time as well, I gave the med a break for a couple of days and then gave it to her again for 3 days, same dose, 1 ML orally a day…She is slowly sounding better but she still has congestion in her chest and rattles off and on throughout the day. I have been bribing her in the house n the eve so she’s away from all my other turkeys and chickens, but so far nobody else is showing any signs or symptoms so I’m not sure what has made her sick or what else I need to do. We live in a smaller town and don’t have a local vet or even a vet close that specializes in poultry! Y’all I love this sweet turkey and she is my BABY! Please help! What could it be? And how do I get her better because I definitely don’t want it getting worse. I’ve also been giving her electrolytes in her water, and poultry cell. There’s some mornings where u can tell she just doesn’t feel great but she also is moving around and doing her normal turkey things but when she tries to get around and be more active it seems like the coughing or hacking is greater. And she just can’t cough up what’s in her chest… Our weather is in the high 90s everyday with horrible humidity but I do have plenty of water out and I let the water hose run a bunch during the day so everybody can stand and cool off and there are fans everywhere as well, which, she pretty much stays in front of while she’s napping lol but that’s normal so What can I do to help my sweet girl? Meds? Vitamins? Any help is so much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Needs tylan or baytril. 1 ml is what I gave mine. They cleared up in a day and was better in a couple days. I dunno what Terra vet is it may be the same stuff as what I mentioned.

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