Please help, I really need advice on newly hatched chicks


7 Years
May 24, 2012
I posted here and haven't received a response with any advice and I am hoping someone can please help me out.

The first chick in the picture is doing ok-- moving around normally and appears to be healthy but still has a bit of its rear end hanging out like that, just not as much as it was when it hatched.

The next 2 chicks both have a similar problem with their butts. They look really swollen and greenish brown with some discharge. The yellow chick also seems to be having problems with its legs and feet and I am going to help bandage them but I need to know what to do about its butt.

I put a little bit of iodine on them yesterday. They are separated from the rest of my hatched chicks for now but how long can I leave them in the incubator like this? I am going to add food and water to the incubator today because it is day 3 for the yellow chick and day 2 for the others. They all seem alert and healthy, not lethargic, but the butts are really swollen and noticeable.

I can try to add more recent pictures if it would help. I have searched the BYC site and am not finding anything helpful.

Thank you! I appreciate the info on the hatching and will keep that in mind next time.

I still need some advice on how to help their bottoms, if it is even possible, or is it a wait and see type of thing?
You could try putting a little triple antibiotic on them, to avoid introducing infection. I'm not sure I would do much more than that though. Often, exposure to the air is the best thing for healing.

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