Please help identify a killer!


May 18, 2019
SouthWestern PA
2 dead ducks -2 nights in a row. Yesterday morning one of my Rouen females just disappeared. No feathers, no signs of any disturbance. We found her few remains in the woods (under a big tree). Their pen is located along a drive which has wooded area on opposite side. She was about 25 I was convinced she must have stepped back out of the pen the evening before & was accidentally left on the outside. Til today...
This morning I found what was left of my Pekin female. This time, however, there was feathers, blood, etc....what you'd expect..BUT what I also found has me questioning what predator this could be. I could post a picture but it is highly disturbing. Something tried to take her, not under, but THROUGH the chain link & partially succeeded.
We checked over their pen really well yesterday & there are no larger spots that a bigger animal could get in. But like a weasel or something smaller could fit under the gate. It is a double size dog pen with chainlink fencing and there is plastic chicken-wire type netting as a roof which needs some attention. If something flew in, then it would fly back out & not go through/under fence. I would super appreciate any thoughts anyone could have about what kind of predator this could be.I don't want to leave them out there to be slaughtered one nite at a time.
Thought of coon but not sure if one could squeeze in anywhere. Gap under gate is not very big either. Only about 5-6 inches height. My ducks don't typically lay around with head thru fence. Tho we do have coons that like to spend time in a mulberry tree eating berries when in season (which is now) that is near pen. Also I don't keep duck feed out overnight....but they can be messy eaters. Thanks for input. I will be keeping them safe on closed in porch til I get this figured out & resolved!
Ok thanks everyone....I will be hunting raccoon or anything else! I'm in southwest pa in rural territory so it truly could be anything! I hate killing any animal but these were my pets & I am sick/heartbroken about this. This is 1st time any problems like this in 4+ years. I will be turning their pen into a fortress over the next few days for the remaining 5. Thanks again!
Update: I have seen raccoon twice. First was close to 9 pm but still plenty daylight. It was coming down along side some trees that run close to "the birdcage". Not sure if it was heading for the pen or the mulberry tree but turned and ran back the other way when I walked out the door. Was not expecting anything right then so was unprepared. Second or maybe same one was same night almost 3 was between my house & birdcage (about 50 feet apart) but closer to and facing my house. It took off when I opened the window. Had a limp but unfortunately disappeared into some shadows before I could safely take a shot.
Does anyone know if there is a bait that would more likely to trap a coon & not groundhog, possum, or skunk. Probably unlikey..i get it. It is wild animal kingdom here right now!

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