Please help - I'l be setting Indian Runner eggs for the first time!


10 Years
Jul 25, 2009
It seems I just promised to set some Indian Runner eggs for a friend of mine. Problem is, I've never hatched ducklings before. Soooo - what's different from chickens? Anything I need to take into account? Any and every advice welcome!
First off they take a week longer to incubate. So when you candle dont be surprised if they dont look as developed as chickens at the same stage. Apart from that- its really just the humidity that is different. I aim for around 55% for the first 25 days then up to 80 for hatching. Also -duck eggs do better laying on their sides being hand or roll turned rather than upright in a turner.

Best of luck with those eggs, I hope you get plenty of babies for your friend.
Thanks! I only found one "how-to" recipe, and it said 70% humidity for the whole time... but then, don't believe everything you read on the web, eh?

How are the shells? Any harder to candle than chicken eggs (we have brown layers so I'm used to candling more difficult eggs than the white chicken eggs)?

Any common hatching problems? (Like splay legs or such?)

Anything I need to be careful of once they've (hopefully) hatched? Preferably we'd like to transfer them to their rightful owner as soon as possible after hatch, they live a 2 minute drive away...
the only thing you'll need to be careful of is how many you'll want after you see them hatch...
if you can't get duck starter, be sure to add nician of some kind to their feed to help with leg issues. All the best..
forgot to mention duckyfromz is an expert especially with runners so what ever she says you can take to the bank..
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"Thankfully" my coop is overrun with Wyandottes as it is so I'll just have to close my eyes to the duckling cuteness. Would've been good to have some myself to train herding with, but I'm thinking my friend owes me a few sessions with hers after I've hatched them

What's nician though? Never heard of it
Or did you mean niacin?

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