Please help!! Injured chicken


Jul 29, 2016
Please help! We had some sort of attack today. One chicken missing. Feathers all over the yard, one injured hen and a couple with roughed up feathers. I am not sure what got them. I had seven BOs, 20 week old. They were out roaming the yard for maybe 45 minutes before I checked on them and noticed the mess. They are all quite skittish now.

How do I treat the injured one? Missing some feather on the top of the back and is bleeding from a small wound there and she has an open bite wound on the breast. I have separated her from the rest of the flock by using a dog cage. But Kept it in the run.

I have peroxide and Blu-note and Neosporin.

Not sure if she is eating or drinking since I just separated her. I will add food and water to the dog cage.
She doesn't seem to be making much noise to indicate any pain. Just skittish.

Any advice would be great! This is my first time having chickens. I have only had them since March! :(

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