Please Help introducing new chickens into my flock and one has been attacked

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    Aug 22, 2016
    One of my chickens that i have recently introduced to my flock has been attacked and has major cuts in its eye this happened at night so i couldn't intervene what should i use to prevent infection on the wound since it is a small cut on the eye and the chicken cannot open its eye anymore it is also only sleeping in the few hours since i found the chick is this bad.

    i am also going to remove that chicken from the flock but i was wondering if i should remove the other two as well even though they seem to be getting on fine apart from the odd squabble of my lead chicken pecking a few times so that when i reintroduce the injured chicken again it wont be alone

    Here is a picture of the injured chicken
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    I am sorry about your chicken.
    I am not sure how to fix it but I think it would be good
    to wash the cut out first and then spray the cuts with antiseptic blue spray.
    try not to get it in to the chickens eye.
    hopefully someone else can help too
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    Welcome to BYC.

    You can flush/wash the wounds with saline or betadine. Apply some plain neosporin or vetericyn to the wounds. For the eye gently wash/flush with some saline and apply some Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment in the eye. This may help with any infection.

    Make sure she is eating and drinking. You can add some poultry vitamins to her water - if she is "shocky" you can give her a little sugar water or electrolytes for a day or two.

    Keep watch for any signs of infection - pus, odors, etc.

    When you try to re-integrate her - look up "see-but-don't-touch" methods.

    Let us know how she is doing.
  4. TWK777

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    Aug 21, 2016
    How old are they? how old are the other chickens in thee flock?

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