Please help me find that perfect duck


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Mar 6, 2011
I live in neighborhood that each home owner has 4-6 acres of land. I have a small barn that I like to raise chickens in. I also have a 1 acre pond stocked with catfish; I would like to have a few ducks for my pond.

My main goal is for a pet, the eggs would be great but not a requirement, it would also be nice if ducks helped with the insects around the pond. I would like to have a duck that did not make a lot of noise, in respect of my neighbor. Do you have recommendations? Follow up question is there any type of roosters that do not crow?
Muscovies would be a good choice. They dont quack(so there quiet) They are amazing at getting rid of insects and they lay a fair amount of eggs. They come in many colors;white, black, blue, chocolate,pied to name a few. The only thing I would have to remark on the breed is that they are BIG(about 5-9pounds) and they have a red wart like face. Its one to those thinks you either love or hate the look of. I personally they are cool looking.
I like mallards. Many people think of mallards as a lesser duck, but they are my favorite. They do make noise, but not bad. They have great personalities, do good with their young, and are beautiful.
Moscovys are a great breed for insect control. They actually got their name from the mexican word for misquito because they ate so many. They are great for fly control as well. They are big as Alicia said and the facial markings (on the males) can look pretty grusome but I love mine. The facial mask on the females are not as bad some you can't even see but when you see the beautiful green and purple sheen on the feathers you can overlook the mask. The pictures on the internet do not do them justice. If you can find someone that has some go look at them. They are also great meat birds, I have heard their breast meat compaired to an expensive cut of stake. I just started my flock so I have not had any yet but am looking forward to it.
I live on 6 acres. Most of the lots here are 6 acres. We have 3 runner duck girls. When they get noisy, the neighbors can hear them. But they aren't usually noisy for long - only to let me know they want something (veggie snacks usually).

My neighbors have 5 muscovy ducks. They had a few more, but they are down to 5 now (they aren't locked up at night). Theirs hang out in their pond, back yard, front yard, where ever they feel like.

My 3 stick to about a half acre of the back yard and don't typically go further than that. I get 2 eggs a day. I'm sure I actually get 3, but I have no idea where Blue is hiding hers now. They are full of clown antics and are fun to just sit and watch. They come running when I walk outside with a bowl or a plate, even if what is on it isn't for them lol They are friendly girls.

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