Please help me identify my ducks' breed


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
I just adopted these black ducks from a woman who believes them to be Black Swedish. The females have brown and white tips to their wings, and their "armpit" feathers look like Welsh Harlequin or Khaki Campbell markings almost--brown and white and black speckles. Two of the females are more very deep brown in areas than black, and the one female and the male have a green beetle sheen like a Cayuga. Is this typical of Swedish or are they a mix? These are also my first ducks, so any tips are appreciated!

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I am going to guess the two without bibs are a mix. At the same time, I have read that there is a constant selection process for breeders who want their flocks to keep the "standard" appearance of the breed, so that makes me think that there can be some genetic drift in flocks.
I agree. The two with bibs seem fairly typical of Black Swedish. The green sheen isn't uncommon in drakes. And white-tipped wings aren't uncommon, either. Can't say I've ever seen brown-tipped, though.. The two without bibs are likely crosses, swede/cayuga perhaps, which would make them all crosses if they're related, or they could be very mis-marked Swedes, like Amiga said. Beautiful ducks!

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