Please help me identify this breed


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8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Hi Everyone,

This is my 5 month old mystery chick that I received with my Buff Orpingtons. What breed is this? Is it a Wyandotte? She was the first to start laying in my group. Thanks for your help!


Thank you for the help! She is very friendly and good natured. Being a production oriented sex-link, that would explain why she started laying before my Buff Orpingtons.
Yes, I find my girls to be very kind. My three year old carries them around humped over his shoulder, and they just lay there and tolerate it. They are very loving... they will come when called and follow me around everywhere. Mine are pretty special because they are the first 4 chickens I started with. I got mine when they were 17 weeks from a commercial chicken barn, and for being as calm and loving as they are, you'd never guess they weren't handled much, if at all. A great breed!

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