Name? (This is not important, but I always name my birds)

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Aug 6, 2018
Pilesgrove, New Jersey
This poor Welsummer has shown up again. Similar to the last case I've had with randos in my yard, she has few feathers and signs of Bumblefoot. I haven't named her yet. She is a pretty bird and she stuffed silly on feed. Any ideas on help I can give. Will provide pics as soon as possible. She is the second bird to have just shown up... Any ideas on how to stop that to?
Can you post a picture of her so we can see her physical condition? If she has only has a few feathers it sounds as if she was attacked. Bumblefoot usually isn't detrimental because the treatment is usually affective. It is easily prevented by keeping nails or any other sharp objects out of reach. Putting the foot in warm water with Epsom salt and vetericyn on the foot to kill any remaining bacteria is usually affective.
Yes, molting could be the problem, aggressive chickens are also susceptible. A red sexlink would always show up in my yard beat up by a rooster, (one of its flock mates).

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