please help! my 3 year old hen is almost vertical and belly is distended.


7 Years
May 15, 2012
I have a black sexlink, 3 years old, who until 3 days ago was a happy gal. She first started showing signs of illness when she stopped eating, and her belly was between her feet, almost dragging on the ground. After reading these threads I decided to wait and see if she would lay. Well, she hasn't and she is now even more "bloated looking" and off in a corner by herself and can not walk well at all. What can I do?
Poor hen. Two things come to mind. She could have ascites, which is a build up of fluid in the abdomen. ( in this case the interruption in laying may be due to the stress of illness). You may want to do a search on it. I have read about people successfully draining the excess fluid. I have not had personal experience with this though. The other possibility is she is an internal layer (also called egg yolk peritonitis) and she has an internal infection. Some people have drained the abdomen in this case, too, but it may be more difficult if the fluid is thick. If she has an infection then she would need an antibiotic. I think some people have used injectable Pen G under these circumstances.

Unfortunately, either condition have underlying causes that may not be curable, even if the symptoms can be treated.
Sadly, as I soaked her in the warm water she died. Thank you for
trying though. Poor lil girl.

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