Please help my baby chick is sick


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Nov 29, 2018
Hi, I'm new to the chicken world I've not had much time or experience at it but, please can someone help me!
I have a sick baby chick, she's about 2weeks old, i actually saved her.
some dogs had killed her mother and siblings , she was hidden underneath a bucket when we found her so I don't want her to be taken cus if some sickness.

But, I believe she has an upper respiratory infection, and i want to help her .
Someone said use vet RX...but, idk. I wanted help from people who have been doing this for years . She' little and i didnt want to give her anything that can harm her...i want nothing but the best for her please.. someone help me
Try giving her some diatomaceous earth, it should be mixed in with food. If not I say take her to the vets where they will give her something I’m sure. Hope your little sweetie gets better soon:)
I just sent you a pm. Keep the chick warm, offer water with electrolytes. Get Tylan 50 injectable and a few syringes with needles from a feed store if antibiotics are needed. Give it orally by removing the needle from the syringe, and give 0.1 ml 3 times daily for 5 days. DE will not do anything for a respiratory disease, and it may harm since it can affect breathing of both you and the chick. Also welcome to BYC.

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