Please help, my baby quail has a spraddle leg AND curled feet and won't eat/


Nov 22, 2015
I've tried hatching a couple dozens quails twice, first time was a fail and second time I got some movement and was hopeful. In the end I got 2 that were fully developed and died in the egg and Only one (which had sank in water when I tested it) surprisingly hatched and was quick to do so. He seemed so strong. I prayed to God to at least have one hatch bc in NYC, due to weather and other issues it's hard and I really wanted a quail. He came out the next morning like a pro, bless his heart. I noticed a few hours later he was walking funny and then so did everyone else. The next day we knew his feet were abnormal. He can't walk normally at all; curled in feet and legs wide spread. He also won't drink water or eat anything on his own. Please help, I couldn't wait for him to come into my life, and he is my only survivor. I don't know what to do. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! :'(
The photo in my avatar is of a chick that had splayed/spraddle legs and curled toes on one foot. You need to shackle the ankles together to fix the spraddle legs and sandwich toes between tape or bandaids with them in 'normal' position for the curled toes. Works well. There is a site somewhere explaining in detail and with pics on how to do it. Needs to be done asap and usually fixes the problem with 1-2 days. Do a search here or google it. I can't remember where I found info as it was a couple of years ago.
Thanks hun. I've tried that with a rubber band for the spraddle legs, from a tutorial on youtube but he got out of it twice. Your baby looks so good! Mine has such tiny feet, it's so hard. Is there any way you can give me a link to that tutorial?
I have had a few like that,pulled it up on internet.One way was to fasten the legs together like the previous man said.Ive been putting mine on paper.They said not to do that,,but to put something that's not slippery.One was rubber shelf lining,small, mesh wire ,wood chips and a lot other,i used some old wash rags,and have tried micro fiber rags.The one I hatched could walk the next morning.I got this off internet,pull up swaddle legs.They tell you other stuff to use and have fixs for most all leg problems,including curled toes
I did grind it up like flour but he wont eat absolutely anything.. I tried force feeding him egg yolk to at least give him some protein.. but he just sleeps all day and won't even touch the food. He won't even drink water unless I put some on his beak. He just crawls back to his blanket and has no desire for anything. I just literally started tearing up bc I don't know what to do.
I just pulled up swaddle legs for chicks,there,s about 5 or 6 articles on it including videos,it shows in debt making braces out of bandaids and other material.It also talks about not using paper ist few days, and shows some other things to use.also shows the little shoes.I just learned all this this week,had one die last week,got in a corner and couldn't get out.I had one that leg stuck out 90degrees
Thank you for your replies, I've tried taping his legs for the curled-in feet issue and rubber band for the spraddle leg issue.. but his legs are too tiny and fragile.. he removed it right away. I don't even care about his legs right now because he is special and I can take care of him.. If I have to hold him for the rest of his life in my hands, I would. My main concern is him eating and drinking to stay alive, which he won't on his own nor does he have desire to eat when I try feeding him. I don't know what to do?
I've heard to cut 2 flat webbed foot shaped "sandals" out of playing cards. Tape them to the bottom of his feet with sports wrap, placing his toes in proper position. You know, the roll of stuff that comes in bright colors, is sticky and web like. Any first aid department in stores should have them. Replace as needed.

I've also heard of the bandaid method for splay legs. You may need to cut the bandaid in half lengthwise to put it on him. Trim the ends as needed.

You can line his container with rubbery plastic "shelf paper" that has mesh holes in it. I saw it in white and brown when I got it at KMart. Look in the "Contact Paper" display rack in stores.

Hope that helps. Keep your chin up.

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