Sep 30, 2020
One of my roosters has been very sick the past few days. He's about 6 years old so I dont think its an old age thing. I first noticed his odd sickly behavior 3 days ago. He wouldnt eat much and he was staying away from most of the chickens in the pen. The day after that I immediately knew something was wrong because of how low his tail feathers were and how limp his comb had become (it was also a little darker than usual). He wasnt carrying himself like he usually does. That day I picked him up and took him out of the pen. I put him in our backyard away from the other chickens. He ate a little that day but not much. The next day he seemed even worse. He was constantly falling asleep but he didnt want to fully lay down. His balance was also off too. He wasnt eating or drinking so I soaked his feed in water and put a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar in the water I also got a medicine syringe thing (without the needle) and soaked the water up with that. I poured it over his beaks and he would drink it but he would mostly keep his eyes closed cause he was half asleep for most of that day. This morning he was acting about as bad as yesterday till this afternoon. This afternoon he has been much more awake but still a little sleepy. He's drinking his water by himself now but he's still not eating. I also noticed that he had tiny white bugs on his eye. Are these mites? And could they be causing all these problems? I also saw him poop today which I hadn't seen in the past 3 days. The poop was white and watery. I've been thinking that he might've been constipated for the past couple days but I'm not sure. There are just so many symptoms that I dont know what to do. If anybody has any ideas please share especially if u know if he has mites or not. I really hope this isnt a serious disease like meriks.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Mites can kill, and lice can really bother them. So I would try to determine what is on your rooster. Look him over with a light on the roost or in his enclosure. Permethrin 10 spray concentrate mixed with water according to inside label directions, or poultry dust will kill either lice or mites. Treat every 7 days for mites, and every 10 days for lice until none are seen. Treat the coop after all bedding and nesting are removed and taken far away and replaced. Here is some reading and pictures:

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