1. KDOGG331

    Little bugs everywhere!!!

    What are these little tiny bugs everywhere!? They appeared recently, at first only a few, and in no time at all they are now everywhere!!! And I do mean everywhere!! The storage sheds outside, food and water buckets, the outside of the coop, some bedding that had spilled out, etc.! :barnie What...
  2. Arbutus Peregrine

    MITES? Over-preening? Moulting???

    Hi there :) My bantams are 25 weeks old this week and I am noticing feather loss. I noticed it on a few of my D'Uccles first. They really stick together and groom each other a I thought, maybe it's over-preening. My cockerel was literally "hen-pecked" on his chest about two months ago...
  3. Emery03

    Mites on Silkies

    I have noticed over the past 2 weeks that my silkies have had these little black mites on them. They seem to cling onto their feathers, and the only time I have seen them on the skin is on my male, there were like 3 of them and they looked a little different, almost beige in color. I have been...
  4. T

    Montly Worming/ Herbs/ Pestacides

    Hello I recently brought on 10 chickens, and I am wondering what everyone does for monthly care such as liquid ivermectin in the water once a month or apple cider vinegar in the water and how often? How often dusting the coop with diatomaceous earth for mites? And anything else I am missing...
  5. ChickChic00

    Emergency, save rooster? Or put down?

    Just found out today that one of my roosters has a mite infestation and his parts of his skin is black,ruff and thick scaly. I've given him 3 baths and they are still coming off him. Was I too late?? He is just laying in sink with some warm water. Just resting. Please help!
  6. R

    Leg Mites

    Here is what worked for my chickens De-Solv-it. A multi-purpose cleaner sticky spot and stain remover. Natural Citrus Base. The mites get under the scales, and use skin to build caverns for themselves. If you pick up a piece that has fallen off then look under a microscope you will see the...
  7. Kuvasz

    Invisible Bugs - Help!

    I've got a weird problem happening here in southwestern Va in my coop -- invisible bugs are jumping on me in my chicken coop! My face and hands, the part of my hair, around my ankles...anywhere there is bareskin, I'm itching when I leave the coop after feeding and watering. The chickens seem...

    Mites? Lice?

    So I’ve recently found some clear,white, extremely pale yellowish bugs crawling on my chickens (under feathers) and I don’t think know if I can rub DE directly in the chickens or how that works exactly...still need here lol. They aren’t losing feathers or anything and they don’t seem bothered by...
  9. TurkeyCaruncles

    Anemic chicken from chronic northern fowl mite infestation

    Hello! Very long story short I brought a new girl home who, despite my best efforts, managed to spread northern fowl mites all over my flock. Now my white polish crested is absolutely covered. She’s extremely lethargic, pale, weak, etc. I’ve looked through the other mite threads, but I’ve...
  10. Clappmeg

    Leg Mites

    Just got 3 chickens today that I did not know would have leg mites but unfortunately do :( I've dunked all 3 in a bath of baby oil for a couple minutes at a time and I have ivermectin drops on the way. When I get the ivermectin, how should I administer? Orally? On the back of the neck? And when...
  11. N

    Mites or Fowl Pox? Help needed. Photos attached

    Can you help me work out what these are i really have no idea we have 1 speckled and 1 light Sussex and both of them have black starting to show on their comb. What are they and what can I do to treat it? Thanks in advance for you help!
  12. S

    Treated for Mites but Hens Still Not Laying

    Hello, new here...and kind of desperate to figure out what is going on with my girls. I have 5 hens of laying age (about 8 months) that were all laying steadily. We then added 2 younger hens who aren't yet laying. We segregated them and slowly incorporated the new girls into the flock but at...
  13. purpletiger

    Depluming mites! Please help! Confused with what treatment to use.

    Hello everyone! I noticed that the feathers on my birds have become raggedy at the ends with some horizontal lines on the wing and tail feathers. I'm thinking they have a case of depluming mites. I plan on cleaning out the coop and spraying everything down with permethrin. My bantam cochin's...
  14. D

    Dusty quail egg?

    I recently got a weird looking egg from one of my button quail hens. It's blotchy in color, and I thought at first it was dusty. I tried to wipe it off, but the blueish whitish color remained. Her eggs are usually the reddish tan color you can see between the blotches in the picture. Does this...
  15. Susie Seagrave

    Heavy Mite Infestation

    Help! I have a heavy mite infestation - maybe red mite or chicken mite (is there a difference, or is 'chicken mite' a general term for a group of mites that affect poultry?) I only have four free-range hens, two of which are in moult at the moment. The temperature has been hot but is now cooler...
  16. K

    Red bottom, dealing with symptoms - Mites? temporary solution

    Hi everyone, been away for a bit, hope everybody is doing well. I know it is only a temporary solution until I deal totally to the coop. Thought I was dealing with a behavourial problem, with Tilly a number of times a day pecking Lulu. Did the whole, put Lulu in top of coop, Tilly down the...
  17. N

    My hen has been plucking her feathers out like crazy! And it's gotten bad... please help.

    I live in Wisconsin. This past June when the weather got warm, this girl started loosing the feathers above her tail and around her neck. I attributed it to my rooster (no longer in the picture), so I got her a chicken saddle so she might heal. The chicken saddle made her lose the feathers...
  18. TwentyOneChickens

    Is something wrong with with her?

    I have a sweet hen named Cuckoo(Username). She has always twitched her head like she’s trying to itch it. She also has patches of lost feathers around her head and other areas. I think if it was mites everybody else would be like this. What could she have?
  19. rascal66

    Poultry lice on my hair!!!

    Sad story, but my Rooster suddenly died on me this morning. I'm like 85% sure he choked while eating. Especially since his comb and wattle was purple the moment i saw him thrashing around. Anyways, long story short, I went to go process him. I periodically check my flock for lice, but looks...
  20. G

    Pigeon louse flies

    I'm having an issue with pigeon mites, more specifically pseudolynchia canariensis, the pigeon louse fly. Are there any good safe products that I can use for their loft and on them?
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