Please help! One of my hens just died, how do I make sure the others don't

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    My 2 year old SLW Pearl was acting listless and was all puffed up in a nesting box when I got home from a business trip today. (My husband had been taking care of them while I was gone). I picked her up which she normally doesn't enjoy very much and she was very lethargic, I then tried to give her some nutridrench and a small dose of corid in water. She took a few sips but when I put her back down she fell over. I then picked her up again to take her in the house but she started seizing and then died. :( After she passed a lot of fluid came out her beak. I am so distressed and in shock right now but also really worried about my other two hens an EE and an Australorp also 2 years old. She had had one light brown very runny dropping while I was mixing up the fluids for her. I've had these hens since they were chicks, none of them have ever been sick before. Does anyone have an idea of what caused this and how I can prevent it in the other two?

    I knew I loved my chickens but I didn't realize how much a loss would hurt :'(.
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    You could refrigerate her body, and send it to the state vet for a necropsy. There can be so many different reasons for a chicken to die. You could have your vet test a collective stool sample for coccidia, worms, and bacteria. Check their crops for emptying in the early morning, fullness in the evening from a normal day's meal, and look at their skin for signs of lice or mites.

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