Please help! Pet roosters sick after using Permethrin!

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    I have a small flock of chickens (Silkies with some Polish X and egg layers). I noticed a lice infestation after adding a few young Leghorns to the flock. I know I know, I thought I checked them for lice before I added them but apparently I missed a few [​IMG] A poster on here suggested getting liquid Permethrin and diluting it a lot and just dunking the birds in a small bucket of it (obviously NOT letting their heads touch) so I did that with a few of the really badly infested hens and just sprayed the rest. Now two of my roosters are acting sick. One of them had a really red butt (not normal for a Silkie) and their crows are really weak. It almost sounds like they can't even cluck or crow. Could the red butt just be a reaction to the lice and then the spray? Should I be concerned? Do you think this even has anything to do with the Permethrin? Could it be a respiratory infection? How do I treat a respiratory infection? What should I do?? Please help Carl and Homer [​IMG] I've had these guys for 4 years.
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    bump cuz I would like to hear thoughts as well!
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    Good Lord someone told you to dunk them in it? *sigh*

    You only use several drops (4 - 6; 1/4cc), like from an eye dropper, on adult large fowl. You have possibly poisoned did you dilute it? In other words how much to how much water?

    Sheesh I wish I knew what to tell you...maybe research poisoning of poultry or here on this site.

    PS: If it is a respiratory illness culling them would be the best option because you will infect other birds. However, I think this is due to the dunking.
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    I dipped birds that way once and one bird thrashed so badly from being held with rubber gloves [​IMG] , she slipped/flopped right out of my hand, and fell head first into the bucket of permethrin [​IMG]
    She was thrashing in the bucket as we both tried to get her out, the thrashing made it so hard to get her. When we eventually did, it seemed like forever she was under water in the stuff [​IMG]
    I was so worried, but she was fine. I am going to say that maybe they are just stressed out and need to rest. I dont know what to suggest so hopefully someone will have better advice........
    but i hope they get rested up tonight and you see improvement in the morning [​IMG]

    @cetawin.........the liquid permethrin has measurements to dilute for dipping chickens, and it works great.
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    True that is why I am asking how it was diluted. That stuff can be nasty. The red butts concern me.

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