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Apr 11, 2014
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I am a brand-new chicken owner, as in just picked up my babies today. I live in black hawk and there are no lack of predators that will want to snack on my chickens when they are old enough to live in their coop. I need advice on what kind of coop is best for this situation. I cannot build my own and I am reluctant to purchase a commercial coop, like one from Sam's club because they seem flimsy. I think a custom built coop with a sturdy run may be best. Custom coop=lots of money. I am not looking to spend more than $300 for the coop set up. Anyone have sound advice?
Hoop Coop. They are easy to build and fairly cheap! Just build ya a box frame and take ya some cattle panels bend em inside of the box frame and attach to the frame. Then cover the panels with welded wire, chain link, or chicken wire. Build a door and your all set! I just built one from scraps layin around at no cost it size is 13x8and in the center is 6ft
You need wire under the coop & run - out at least 18 inches to stop a predator from digging under the fence.

We have electric fence around/attached to our set-up. Since it would need to keep bears out, it is one of the largest we could fine - big enough to stop a buffalo.
Already made coops are going to be pricey no matter what. For $300 you can get the materials for sure, but I'm not sure you'll find a coop for that price. How many chickens are in your flock? That number matters as well. Here's a pic of our coop that we built :)

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