PLEASE HELP! Professional advice needed for my sick duckling

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by duckymomm, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Mar 28, 2016
    Hi! I got a baby duck about 2 weeks ago. Shortly after i read that you should have at least 2 ducks becuase they need duck company. So i am working on that. But for now the duck has been alone (besides my love of course!) A couple days ago the little thing was sneezing and had a lot of snot. The next day the duck started having diareaha. The sneezing stopped but my duck still seems to have bad diareaha! During all of this my duck starting scratching itself. Day by day is only seems to get worse! My duck seems to be itchy ALLTHE TIME. its mostly itching under the eyes, the wings, tail area, and legs! Today i noticed that its legs have some dry flaky skin! Poor thing seems to be in a sad constant pain. How do i help?? ALSO i noticed a while back that the right side of the ducks neck/chest is noticibly bigger hen the left side. Almost looks like a tumor or something? Only seems to getting bigger every day. The last thing is, my duck has these little episodes where is puts its head in the water all the way to the bottom and then pulls its head out. over, and over, and OVER! I am a fist time duck owner. My little friend is about 2 1/2- 3 weeks. Im not sure if my duck is sick, or diseased, or is any of these symptoms even go together?!
    WHAT DO I DO!! I would SERIOUSLY appreciate any help or advice!!!
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    [​IMG] Are you feeding a 'complete' duck growing ration with Niacin supplementation? The swelling on the side of the neck is most likely the duckling's crop - 'storage chamber' for feed. Ducks love water, and I think that the behavior you have described as far as the water is normal.
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    Most of that sounds like normal behavior. The constant scratching is due to the fact it's adult feathers are probably just starting to come in and they preen alot during that time.

    Dunking the head in the water over and over is, like sourland said, normal bathing behavior. Do you give the duckling bath time every day? He will enjoy that, and you will too! Very cute and fun. Just be sure to gently dry the duckling off and return to the warm brooder right after so it can preen/dry itself the rest of the way without getting cold. And keep bath time short (just a few minutes) at first and gradually increase the time as it gets older. Ducklings can get water-logged and chill very quickly.

    Flaky skin on the legs is also normal around 2-3 weeks old. Alot of ducklings get that and it's nothing to worry about.

    As for the sneezing, they just sometimes sneeze, especially if they get food or something stuck in their nares. It can be caused by dust from bedding as well. The fact that it isn't sneezing anymore means it wasn't anything serious.

    The lump on the chest also sounds like it's crop to me as well. Does it get bigger after the duckling has eaten?

    Describe the diarrhea to me. Ducks naturally have very watery poo, but it can also change color and smell depending on what they are eating. Have you started giving him new food/treats lately? Extra protein in their diet (from insects, mealworms, etc) will cause really gross and stinky poo. Nothing dangerous, just stinkier for us.

    Anyway, so it does not sound to me like your duckling is necessarily sick in any way. Mostly normal stuff going on. :)
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    I agree with what others have said. The only thing I'd add is that, if you are giving treats, are you also offering chick grit or clean sand? It is necessary for healthy digestion.
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    @duckymomm - did you subscribe to this thread? You have some responses.

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