Please help! Question about white leghorns!


10 Years
Feb 20, 2009
Thawing Minnesota
Hello all! I'm getting a few pearl white Leghorns (from McMurray stock) from someone down the road. We spent an hour trying to figure out what exactly we are looking for. In the end we decided on three pretty birds, but of course after all that work, two of them escaped from the kennel and back into the flock (stinking flighty birds).
I decided to go home and do more research before we went searching for them again, because I didn't want to spend another hour looking for the birds if they aren't even what we should be looking for.

They were born March 20th of this year. Should we be looking for big, bright red combs? Or smaller, lighter colored combs? What are some attributes that we should be watching. Please help!! I don't know where else to look!

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