Please HELP QUICK...chick bleeding!(prolapsed vent:UPDATE)

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My 5 week old chick is bleeding from it's butt and something is sticking out of it like a tubular something that is bloody and I cannot easily pull it out or push it in. He/she's lethargic was fine this morning.

I cannot post pics because I have satellite internet and cannot upload yet...if you have any idea whats going on please help!
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Is it tissue like? Another chick could have pecked at it and torn the vent or pulled something out. Get some vitamins in little ones water, separate it from other chicks immediately or they will peck it to death. Chicken seeing blood/red is a recipe for disaster. Try to get it to eat some scrambled egg or yogurt at least.

I wish you could post a pic because it is really hard to try to tell you what it saying tubular concerns me because it sounds like something that belongs inside has been pulled out. For the moment do not pull on it. Hopefully someone with more experience can answer.

Is it going poo okay? Is the poo normal looking?
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Yes it does look tissue like and it does look like it belongs inside...poo in the coop looks normal except some blood hewre and there...i may treat as prolapsed vent?
i think your best bet is to isolate, keep the chick calm and quiet. Try to clean the area up. Best thing is to soak her bottom in some lukewarm water until you can see what you're dealing with. From what you are saying it may be a bit of a prolapse that got pecked at. Treating for a prolapse sounds like the best course of action at this point.

Good luck.
I would soak it in warm water, towel blot, and use preparation --lubricate the area well, and keep him separated as they will peck at it! Good luck

I juste saved 2 chicks from being pecked in the butt pretty bad and they were bleeding a lot. I used peroxide that I poured over the wound. It kind of stings at first but really desinfects well and it is cheap. You can find it at the pharmacy. Isolate it, try to give it some liquid food like yogourt by a small syringe if you have to.

Good luck
thanks all...definitely prolapsed vent. Cleaned it, did prep H and was able to push most back in just a bit is still sticking out. How often should I keep pushing it back in?

Dipping her beak in yogurt and dilute pedialyte but she won't drink/eat. Very lethargic but will wake and perk up a bit when I move her. I have eye dropper but how in the world do I get her to open her beak???
I had a chick with the same problem and she recovered--just continue to apply the prep H to her vent every couple hours. If it pops back out, first lubricate it with the prep H and then push in, and put a little more prep H around the outside of the vent.

If you use the eye dropper, you need to gently pry her beak open, slip the tip of your finger in their to hold it open and with the other hand, drip small amounts down her throat, allowing her to swallow--don't squirt too much. I like to use Poly-visol without iron drops(these are for infants) and can be found at wal-mart or your local drug store. You can give her a few drops of that, but I would just let her rest as well--she has been pecked at, may have lost blood, and is sore, I'm sure. Just make sure no other chicks are in with her as they will peck at it! i also like to make a medicated mash, which is wet medicated chick feed....pry the mout open again, and gently put a little in her mouth--then squirt a little pedialyte to help her swallow, or stroke her throat gently down to help her swallow. Good luck!!

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