Please help sex my 15 week old Australorps


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
I have four Australorps, they are 15 weeks old. I got a pic on the other day with one and one of my other birds and people thought she was a pullet. I've now managed to get pics of all four so if people could give me their thoughts as to what sex they think they are (sorry I can't remember which one I got a pic of last week, they all look pretty much the same to me, except one is suddenly looking alot smaller than the other three).





When they were tiny, we tried feather sexing them and from that got 2 boys and 2 girls, not sure if feather sexing works on Australorps though! Until recently thought it was right as there were two bigger ones and two smaller ones, now it's more like 3 big ones and 1 little one.....

Any thoughts appreciated
Oh the small one has a smaller comb than any of the others- think she's the first pic....
The bottom photo is of a cockerel. See those tail feathers, and the difference in the comb from the others? Also, at the base of the tail, the feathers there are starting to part and lay differently than the way they do on a pullet.

The rest look like pullets to me.
Really? 3 pullets would be great
4 even better!

I was thinking the second one might be a bit cockerely- it and the fourth one are partners in crime- both huge and hang about together. Thought the wattles on the second one were looking quite red, but happy for it to be a pullet!
I see the tail feathers maybe sprouting but the hackle feathers are round not pointy like a cockeral. I'm no expert so just wondering?
Yep, They deffinetly look like little ladies to me...I always find males tend to "Thump" to the ground as opposed to females who soften their landing with their wings. And most of my boys started or at least tried to crow at 3 months or so and also "dancing" as we tell my young nephews, with things like corn cobs and napkins

Hope that helps

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